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Free Movie Downloads - Now Featuring: "Olympic Dreaming" 
In his latest movie adventure, Fred has somehow managed to sneak past security into the Olympic Village. Download this free movie and watch how Fred, with the help of various French judges, makes his way into his favorite events. And not only can you download and watch, you can also PLAY this interactive movie: it's up to you to help him with his performance - NO, not that kind of performance - get your minds out of the gutter! Get your free movie download and see for yourself. Did we mention it's FREE?
free_movie_downloads free_movie_downloads free_movie_downloads

These must be the most popular free movie downloads on the Internet! See what everyone is talking about: download one of these free movies today!

1. Olympic Dreaming
2. Snowday
3. Snowglobe Screensaver
4. Toasterz Screensaver
5. SFD II Preview
Sled Fred Dead free movie downloads - they're finally here! The new and improved is chuck full of free movies, games, screensavers and yummy goodness! Download the all new screensavers and have Fred keep your screen squeaky clean, send your family and friends e-cards with your favorite doomed character on them, or just download and sit back and enjoy one of Fred's free movies with someone you lust.

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