Fred's Beginnings
Fred began his life in the warped little mind of Moonstone's Creative Director, Joel E. Markquart. Joel has received many blows to the head for which his mother says, "that's why he's like that". With Joel's drawings, Kirk's (the other Creative Director - YES, there are two!) mad programming and audio skills, fond memories of childhood sledding hills and possibly some beer (of course after 5pm), Fred was born into existence. Messily, of course.

It all started innocently as a surprise animated holiday card for the Moonstone team. Never did they think that it would be the source of international entertainment, nor did they think it would spawn an entire site about entertainment and games. However, the card went over fabulously and somehow made its way onto the wild, worldwide web (we call it the "net"). Some people even started calling it an "Entertainment Game". It even made its way around as far as IDAHO! After much positive feedback, Fred made many more appearances in many more Moonstone projects, until - well we just had too much crap around - so we stuffed it all into this site!

As co-creative directors, Kirk and Joel keep their employer looking good. They work for Moonstone Interactive, an award-winning design studio specializing in beautiful web design, engaging Flash sites, intuitive user interaction and technical solutions for e-commerce. With Kirk and Joel constantly thinking up strange ideas - and Moonstone's willingness to pay them to draw cartoons, create entertaining games and movies, and make funny sounds - Fred will always be there, waiting for his chance to finally make it all the way down the hill.
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