This is where we show off and brag about Fred and his site, and it's where other people get to say things like: "This is the best free game download site on the Internet" or "I downloaded the coolest free games from, and these guys are the best!" Things like that. We're just waiting for someone to say those things.

About's Funny Site of the Day
Fred somehow won his first award for his first free game download, "Snowday":'s coveted Funny Site of the Day! We're not quite sure HOW we got this? Of course we were grouped with "Pole-Licking" and the "Infamous Mooning Snowman" and other free game downloads - but I digress. For our first attempt at Flash Animation - Fred kicked BUTT and we were more than honored to be in such fine company!

The Best of the North Bay
This was also for Fred's first free game download, "Snowday". Now here we actually got some HARDWARE! Look at how the plastic shines just like real gold! Ahhhh! Whatever - Fred ROCKS! We'd like to thank all the little people that helped us out - Emmanuel Lewis - YOU THE MAN! And I don't care if you haven't heard of "North Bay" - that's because only cool people live there and we don't want any of you tourists coming and wreckin' the place up with your fancy cars and poodles named "Mimi"!

Golf Course Recognition
This really isn't an award, (but then again, Fred really isn't a person) but one time, Kirk was golfing in Oregon with an older couple from Idaho, and they had a son who sent them this free game download thing about this sledding boy... of course it was FRED ("Snowday" again) and Kirk exclaimed "I DID THAT!" and it was cool. By the way, Kirk shot a 97, threw his clubs into the lake, and went home and cried.

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